Blocked In

The Core Blocks have started their journey and preparations for their arrival are underway!


  1. I cant freakin wait! Another building "block" to the kick ass glyos system !

  2. Matt, I really like having two kidneys, but if you insist... :)

  3. Very curious how this new piece is gonna work...you said we'll be able to "cut out" sections to customize the block? Very curious...

  4. I hope you didn't just invalidate something I've been messing with... but if you did, I'm cool with it. Looking forward to the next drop, as always.

  5. This thing is an odd creation, but I hope it has some creative uses that make sense when you guys mess with your stuff.

    I played with little rocks on the shoreline in Gloucester as a kid, and it was amazing how much fun I had with such simple things. This is kind of like those rocks to me.

    Rocks. Blocks.

  6. Matt, this is kind of random, but is there any chance these vinyl items are safe for kids at all? My nieces have been drawn to The Rig, but I took great pains to ensure they didn't stick any pieces in their mouths. I just don't know enough about the plastic. What think you?

  7. Hey Ed! They are OK for kids to play with, just don't serve them for dinner.
    In all seriousness, don't let the little ones (or anyone else for that matter) chew on rotocast vinyl or injection PVC. Not a healthy thing to do.
    Playing with toys is good, eating them is not.

    1. I wish I'd known that earlier, Matt -- I've been chewing on toys for years!