Mission Details

Before I get to the specifics of what's coming next week, I wanted to once again give my sincere thanks to all of you guys for being so positive in regards to the Block. I have had a lot of mixed feelings about actually bringing something that is pretty abstract (even by my standards) to full production, so seeing that there is some interest in this project is humbling. You guys are the best.

Details for the January 20th (Friday) release:

United Glyan Forces
-Glyan EMD Operator Cane (black with gray visors and tampo print)  $6 
-Glyan EMD Technician (orange with black visors/gray detail lines and tampo print) $8

Gendrone Revolution (pics later today)
-Argen MK VI (purple metallic/pale yellow visors with tampo printing) $8
-Phaseon Gendrone Revolutionary (purple metallic/pale yellow visors with tampo printing) $6
-Gobon (purple metallic/pale yellow visors with tampo printing) $10

Axis Joint Sets
-EMD Tech Set (orange) $4
-Purple Metallic Set $4

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Sets
-EMD Tech (orange) $2
-Purple Metallic $2

-EMD Commander Rynevo (orange Pheyden) $8 

Core Block
-EMD Core Block (gray and orange with black visors/tampo print) $14

-Black Core Block (black vinyl/no paint) $10

-EMD Heavy Armored Rig with Wings (gray and orange with black visors/multiple tampo prints) $25

Rig Runner (Glyan WARP Bike)
-EMD Rig Runner (gray and orange with black visors/multiple tampo prints) $20

Conversion Set (consists of 1 long Rig Arm and 1 short Rig Arm for customizing vinyl figures) 
-EMD Phase Cannon (Rig long arm) and Phase Blocker (Rig short arm) (gray and orange with black visors/multiple tampo prints) $12

-Black Phase Cannon and Phase Blocker (black vinyl/no paint) $8

-Black Gendrone  RESTOCK $4

A surprise or two might be in store as well...

The expansion of the vinyl stuff is a work in progress and will be tweaked depending on how everything shakes out after the drop. We're trying to keep the prices as low as possible and the margins are pretty tight, but I personally really want to offer something different and attempt to share the fun of messing around with all these larger vinyl parts.

Let us know what you guys think and we'll continue to twist the dials until we hit the right mix. 


  1. Oh man I need an all red Rig Runner with stickers all over it.

    1. With a big one that says "FOREIGNER," right?

      So, the Rig arms have proper names now: Phase Cannon and Phase Blocker. Very good to know! I was just calling them "cannon and paw." I'll probably have to skip this drop, but there's still some very interesting goodies on deck!

    2. "Cannon and paw" are what I call them as well ;) I don't think that'll be changing.

  2. I can see me spending a lot of money next week

  3. Oh god, are those Shockwave Gendrones? D: I'm gonna need to make some extra cash this week.

  4. Eep, things turned out to be too expensive for poor me!

    So I guess Rigs and Blocks are out of the question. I'll see if I can manage to swing a Gobon, though, and I definitely want a Rynevo.
    Oooh, "Metallic Purple"?? And this is a beautiful orange (considering I normally don't like "warm" colours)! I wonder if there will be Gendrones in that orange to compliment the purple ones....

    Wait. You're totally right. Save some for me!

  5. That Rig Runner is hitting all the right spots. Count me in for one of those. Would love a squad of them some day.

  6. This looks to be an epic drop! Can't wait for next Friday.

    I've gotta find someone to trade shifts with me at work though... O.o

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  8. just wondering if there's any chance of a all black rig runner release. i know the rig runner consist of the short rig arm and two pieces from the callgrim warp bike. i was thinking i should order the black conversion set and wait and hope callgrim rleases an all black bike so i could bash together a black rig runner. unless of course there's going to be more releases to come.
    tldr: black bikes when?
    thanks for reading my question!

  9. Am I understanding this right: the Rig comes with arms AND wings? Too sweet.

    1. Actually, Cap, I think "Heavy Armored" just means it's a Rig Wing. The standard arms are a separate pack.

    2. Now I understand why the Conversion Set exists. Personally, I'd like the option to buy the paws--err Phase Blockers on their own, rather than bundled with the cannons. If you're upgrading a Wing Rig to a Big Rig, though, this may be the way to go.

  10. I'm really interested in what way we get to see some story elements out of this drop.

    I'm also curious as to how armodocs (or variants thereof) will be handled when they return as I'm sure the addition of those vinyl pieces would be welcome to the overall vinyl extravaganza.

    1. I'm hoping for some more organic add-on pieces for the Armodocs.

  11. Shockwave Gendrones, hazmat Glyans, buildable big stuff — this wave simply has too much for a "small" drop! Although the absence of an Extra Set for the Pheyden is a bit of a relief for the ol' wallet, will the one or two surprises be available in the store? Or are they going to be the White Skull / Metallic Green Phase Arm bonuses of this wave?

    1. It's a surprise Roy! Ha! Ha!
      It's a little bit of both!

    2. I take that back, then: this can not bode well for the ol' wallet at all. Hah!

  12. Is it Friday yet? This is going to be a great drop!

  13. I did my taxes and changed my work schedule so I can be ready for this drop!

  14. Maybe one of those surprises will be a Hopper. I did that Rig Runner, but I think the price of the Hopper would be a bit better for me.

    1. You can make the Hopper from the parts of the Rig Runner. Just swap the small part in the back to the front and there you have it.
      So you technically have both the Runner and the Hopper in one bike.
      Hope that helps!

    2. Dang, I should noticed that before. Now I have to get one. Thanks for the reply Matt.

  15. I need so many things here... I'm going to be buying more vinyl than I usually do... love the rig runner, it was a long time coming, but I've wanted one since Rechlen and Aves...

    there is some serious mixing and matching that can be done here

  16. Love the EMD desgin, and a HUGE thank you for the unpainted Vinyl! Can;t wait to start messing with blocks and bikes!

  17. Surprise or two? Matt, does this mean I should leave room in my $100 budget? Seriously, I want it all but that's all I've got right now.

  18. O_o..... Okay, I seriously need to win the lottery & just send like half of that money to you so you can buy more molds & just make tons more Glyos stuff. I think the toy designers of the 1980's would be stupidly proud of your work Matt; if the 1980's was the 1st golden age of toys then Glyos is a 2nd golden age of toys. I've played with ally of toys in my 32 years of existence on this planet & I can genuinely say that Glyos is the BEST towline I've ever collected & beat out Xevoz as the toyline I've had the most fun with. The blocks, rigs, glyans & rig runners flesh out the line so much more & make it even more open to customization. Bravo Mr. Doughty, I doth my cap to a true toy mastermind.

  19. Is there a TIME for this drop, by chance? Or just the date so far?

  20. I like it but was hoping to see the big rig return.
    Will it cone back in the future?
    I am a bit lost in the part we see now. You cant built a big rig yourself with the parts In this drop, right?