Experimental Mechanics Division

I personally hope you guys get a kick out of this strange new addition to the Glyos ranks. There is something about holding one of these things that brings back a flood of memories for me. From playing near the ocean with the rocks, to customizing Star Wars Mini Rigs, to flying around Micronauts capsules and even overloading the old M.U.S.C.L.E. plastic trash can with piles of tiny Godzilla figures.

 The idea of chopping these up to customize might be a horror to some of you, so all black "Buildstation" style vinyl Blocks and parts will be online when these fully painted versions go live next week.

This is still an experiment, so we did not produce a ton of these. If the response is good, then we'll make more for the next drop (sometime in late March). There will be a run of matching Rigs and Rig Runners (Glyan WARP Bikes) available in this wave as well, for those of you still wondering about what the hell the Block is and what it does. Ha!

More details on the January 20th (next Friday) release will be up tomorrow, including prices, full assortment and more pics!

Thanks for checking this stuff out during the past week!


  1. Good ole cane!! Nice Matt cant wait bud!

  2. Awesome. How much for the entire batch?

  3. There's a new Pheyden hidden back there. Very sneaky.

  4. I've never been mroe excited for a box!
    If I can afford one, I think I'll buy a box just to have one. They look cool!

    Oh, and there's a new wave of Rigs? Always wanted one of those....

  5. That Traveler's name is Rynevo, and he has reservations about the development of the Captive Artificial Intelligence Program being used in the Blocks. He's discussing it with Cane in that pic, who is now sporting all black armor like any good dark hero should.

  6. Holy crap. I have loved my Energy Exellis since the first bit I acquired in fistuls and even more so once he was completed. Please tell me this is the same orange or very very similar.

    Wait scratch that. If you say it is I might drive over your house in the middle of the night and pinch a few pocket/sock-fuls.

  7. Love the colors combos. Will we be getting a back story on Rynevo & Cane?

  8. Hell ya Matt!! I can't wait for the orange Glan and the block thingy!! ;)

  9. Thanks guys!
    Jared! We are overdue for a proper visit. I hope that the move hasn't been to hard.
    That is the old orange we have done before, which I've been waiting a long time to use on a plain old Pheyden.
    Chris, there are a few things in the works story wise for this drop. We'll see if the timing is right.

  10. Supposed to be "Test Type" colors. Would look good on an oversized brain as well...
    Thanks man!

    1. Doesnt help that Im partial to Halloween and these colors just fit it perfectly.

  11. Awesome!I am really excited about these. Thanks Matt!

  12. Those blocks are awesome... creepy, kind of like the cubes in portal.

  13. Is it wrong of me to think that they're somehow cute? The Blocks, I mean. Like the weird robotic companions from that Thunderbirds-esque marionette show whose name escapes me. Come to think of it, that these Blocks should be sentient (based on the C.A.I.P. remark) is also reminiscent of that show somehow.

    Oh, and would that new insignia happen to be based on the socketed Gendrone head?

  14. Thank you Matt for the orange wave!!!!

  15. HOLY.



    Matt, dude, that colorway is freakin' AWESOME. I don't know why but as soon as I opened the page & saw that first photo I was like "WHOA- now THAT is shnoopin' amazing.". When we visited last month & I got to see the block, I had no idea that grey with a little bit of orange & black would have such a cool affect. The colors scream 1980's to me, mostly Autobot colorways and construction things. Also reminds me of Gutsman from Mega Man for some reason too, can't explain why.

    The new Glyan colorway is amazing, I always loved that orange & now having Glyans to build with will fit the bill nicely.

    I'm 100% in support of these blocks & can't wait to see some photos showing off their customizing capabilities. I really do love the Microman capsule/pod vibe to them, just freakin' great stuff all around and yet it's so simple but the paint applications just make the sculpt jump out at you.

    Epic Matt, purely epic.

  16. Wow. I am a big fan of those colours. I am going to have to be online for the drop so I don't miss out

  17. Hope they are cheap, i buy a ton!

  18. Hope they are cheap, i buy a ton!

  19. Wow!
    WAY cooler than I could have ever imagined! Loving the colors, too.

  20. Mindblowin'...we all remember being a kid, playin' w/ our action figures, making up stories, some of us customizing (which usually started w/ repairing a SW head because your mom & dad wouldn't buy you a new one to replace it).....but, in your wildest dreams most of us never thought we would be making toyz/action figures. Matt you are such inspiration to all of us and I would have to relate you to my favorite musician Prince...(I know several of you are probably laughin' your butts off.) As he is a musical genius, you are a toy genius! Who ever thought a block would be what you have made it be. It is funny how you constantly push toy collectors to look outside the box (no pun intended) and stretch what BIG TOY COMPANIES force feed collectors to accept. All collectors owe you a big thanks for being you. You keep prices affordable, you keep offering just enough to keep all interested w/o totally overwhelming collectors (except those sick completestes...which are many), and you keep pushing our minds.

    Thanx bro!


  21. These look great! I'm not usually very fond of orange, but you have a way of matching colors to make every one of them look good. It must have been tons of fun to set those all up like that!

  22. Thank you guys so much for the great feedback. We're super lucky to be allowed to create things that might seem pretty screwy to most, thanks to all of you.

    I'll post the list of upcoming stuff a little later tonight, just spending some time tweaking a few things and then it's back to it!

    A small sneak bit of info though:

    -Argen MK VI
    -Phaseon Revolutionary
    -Axis Joints
    -Phase Arms

    All will be available in a new metallic that we have never produced before. Pics tonight!

    Thanks again to all of you for taking the time to write in here about your thoughts on the Block.

  23. Fantastic Matt! Such a bold color way! I LOVE the Block! It's like a Glyos Tardis! And the return of Gobon!!! I love love love that guy!

    Can't wait to start building with vinyl Glyos! I did some swapping with my Armos and Rigs but this is what we really need to ramp up our vinyl building! A beautifully symbol modular "building block!"

  24. yeah, orange is such a good color. I only have a few orange bits and pieces from junkshop buildmen, but I use them all the time:

  25. I love it.. I want it... and I'm happy to see orange back as a colorway!

  26. Looks like I picked a heckuva week to have oral surgery and a move on my hands. I hope I can scrape together some funds for some of the goodies on the way!

  27. What a bad time to be poor. This new colorway is boggling my mind. A nice articulated Glyan building kickin' it on a Rig Runner. Oh my, I'm excited.

  28. I have been checking back constantly for any news on this. Is it still coming?