Light Show

Before the Block Fortress came down I took a few pics of an SDD Variable Suit with the lighting switched up a bit. This time everything was lit from behind, giving a very moody look to the shots.

There was some "creative" cutting done on this build, with lots of little options to beef up or slim down the frame. I really wanted to have something that my Neo Voss Pheyden could chill out in while we pack for the next bunch of days.


  1. If there's one thing I love more than Phaseons, it's giant robots. You've really outdone yourselves this drop, and I wish you all the best of luck in the coming days! Hope your troubles are over for the meantime.

  2. Beautiful lighting effects!

  3. Simply incredible! Gorgeous shots.

  4. This is awesome! I love combining the clear vinyl with the colored and using the clear bits as "cockpits" to see the guys inside :)

    It took me a while of staring at the legs, but I finally figured it out! Layering over the rig runner body for the legs is a great idea. Awesome construction, I can't wait to see your next vinyl monstrosity!

    1. Thanks Rez! I did some larger cuts on the Rig short arms and popped them over the base bike leg construction.

      The fun thing about the vinyl is that there is a ton of freedom when assembling parts. The ability to pressure fit different shapes together without having to obey the rules of proper fit functionality is almost the antithesis of the PVC method of construction, which makes for a refreshing change.

      That was a mouthful! Ha!

      Have a few more builds that I'll try to get up on the blog, in between the shipping mayhem of today.