Hatching a Plan

A new Mutation is set to surface this Sunday, June 14th at 9:30PM EDT. Details and the list will pop up later tonight!

We've drawn inspiration for this wave from some of the classic 1980's Ideal properties, which are now owned by our great friends and partners in creativity over at Toyfinity. Expect some crossover action this weekend!


  1. A frelling Green Goblin Skeleden -- I can't stop chuckling. Come on Sunday!

  2. Purple pants and green skin...perhaps a mutation caused by gamma radiation?

  3. O_O.....

    Oh you magnificent bastard, great colors. If I ever get to production one day, I need to make one of my first figures in that hue. That reminds Kobra Khan & the Wheeled Warriors monster mind brains colors. Aweso e stuff.