Thank You!!!

Thank you for an exciting and positive release last Sunday night!

The increase in production numbers for this assortment seemed to cut down on the frustrations that folks felt when we rolled out the Ultra Bronze wave a couple months ago. Our goal for this round was to make enough stuff that the store would remain stocked for at least a week, so anybody who wanted to check something out would have an extended amount of time to do so. The risk level definitely rises when we do this, but this time things worked out pretty well.

When Marc and I were working on the color mechanical studies for this wave we spent a lot of time combing through the archives of the internet for Manglors information and imagery. Thanks to John Kent and Jesse Moore, we were able to secure a complete set of vintage Manglors, boxes and all (my personal specimens were in pretty rough shape). By combining the color theory that Ken Kelly put together for the box art (vivid) with the actual hues of the classic figures (muted), we attempted to connect the dots and nail down a color pattern that could eventually be used for Toyfinty's intended resurrection of the characters down the road. Looking at the figures in hand, I think we hit a decent balance.

As the year progresses (half way through it already!) we will continue to work with Toyfinity on developing the Manglors relaunch (among other projects), and hopefully have some neat things to show you before the end of 2015.

Thank you once again for continuing to inspire our creativity, and for supporting not only what we do here, but for looking out for all our partner companies as well.

You guys are the very best!


  1. Matt, we need to thank you for allowing us into your world. You make the best toys. Toys that I can't get enough of and make me wish I had unlimted resources. In December I will have been buying your toys for 6 years it seems so short and so long at the same time. The way you have always treated your customers and the quality, care, and ingenuity of your toy line keeps us coming back. THANK YOU!! And all of the Onell Staff!!!!

  2. Thanks for everything this round! The risk is high but it really does feel nice when you can come back to the store and buy something you maybe missed or forgot to add to your cart

  3. Looking VERY forward to the Gobon. :)