Last Hope of Betelgeuse

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  1. Awesome shot Matt!! I never heard of Manglors until 6th grade when my teacher gave me an old stack of a kid's consumer magazine called "Penny Power". In one article a child toy review reviewed Manglodemon & needless to say was not happy with his purchase. I never persued them on the secondary market but the Ken Kelly box artwork and the style and vibe to them is really a lot of vintage fun. Almost reminds me of Mattel's MAD Scientist mold kits (Ewwgore, Eyegore, etc...): just a simple fun sculpt.

    I'd love to write up stats for all the vintage Manglors for Connor & I's toy RPG, they really had a lot of fun designs that would do well in a gaming format. I can't wait for Glyos compatible Manglors, easily one of my most anticipated mash ups.