Glyknights Theme

Gigantic thanks to our insanely talented friends, musical mastermind Glen Schricker (Circuits and Brains), and toy industry fan favorite Nate Baertsch, for a truly killer one-two Glysword Powered strike!

These guys are both at the very top of their highly competitive fields, and we are beyond psyched to work with both of them once again.

Thank you Schrick! Thank you Nate! You guys killed it!


  1. A double-dose of righteous radness!

    Also, nice sound on the track. Gotta love that 80s guitar.

  2. Does the villain team actually have a name like 'Order of the Glyknights' for the heroes?

  3. This song is cool AF. Can't wait to make my purchase.

  4. WOW, on all fronts!!!
    This drop is KILLER, the art is KILLER, the music is KILLER. You have assembled your own Order of Awesomeness for this wave. Love it!!

  5. Thank you guys!!! This was a ton of fun to do, and the music is AMAZING!!! And add my vote in as a YES on making that Castle/Fortress/Thing! :D

  6. Well, it's a strange composition.........

    .......but I've heard "stranger things" ;3