1. Wow! Those colors are gorgeous! The Red is so rich and saturated. Loving the way these two pair together. Please tell me we'll be seeing a Villser in that bloody color.

  2. The golden knight is striking with that red cloak, and is definitely giving off a little bit of a heroic vibe. Kinda makes me want to build him a Phase Sentinel friend as a partner, just to use up more of that color combination.

    The red also looks sharp, though it feels like there's something sinister about the colors and the eye slit design. Another bound for the Lonely Road, or just an intimidating appearance for an otherwise gentle giant?

  3. Replies
    1. Matt mentioned in the previous post's comments that the Neo Granthans aren't part of this drop.

  4. Any intentional connection in the similarity between the red's visor tampo and the Skullboto chest tampo? I might just be reading into that with all the talk about the Skullboto/Ghoulboto action coming in this drop...