Flying Vipers - The Shadow Tape

The Flying Vipers have emerged from their den with another analog artifact. This one contains a few extended vocal tracks in the Jamaican Disco style.

In the mid 70s, "discomixes" became a popular way for DJs at clubs (discothèques) to showcase a new single followed by a dub remix, all on one side of a 12" 45 RPM record. This resulted in some amazing 7-8 minute tracks evolving a radio single into a dancehall hit. We wanted to pay tribute to this tradition, but since we recorded this direct to cassette (and pressing vinyl is crazy expensive), we thought the cassingle was a fun way to go.

Much respect to Jay Champany, who recorded and mixed everything, in addition to writing the lyrics and voicing the tracks. Big thanks to the Big Guy here as well for illustrating Viper #3.

Today is also Cassette Store Day, and this release is an official part of the Jump Up Records CSD line-up, which includes a few classic albums from my 90s heroes The Toasters and The Slackers. They've also re-issued a killer cover album of Michael Jackson tunes done in a dub reggae style that have been played quite a lot at Onell HQ over the years, especially their version of "Rock With You".

Hope some of you enjoy the tunes!

PS- New Englanders, Vipers support Jamaican legend Lee "Scratch" Perry on 10/24 in Boston!

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