Pappysoup Rides Again

The mysterious and legendary (at least in our household) Pappysoup has finally returned from his covert operations and hits the ground running with an all new entry into his ongoing MT-01 saga!

Head over to pappysoup.com and check out his "short report" called Heavy Casualties, which catches us up with the battle hardened Gendrones of the MT Unit and their hard boiled leader, MT-01.

Pappysoup and I have collaborated on multiple Glyos related projects in the past (check out the sidebar on his blog), so getting the chance to do it again makes me extremely excited for what's to come. With his incredible imagination Pappy adds a unique dimension to the spinning of these tales.

Great to have you back Papioca!


  1. Glad 2 c u back! I was askin' bout u when MJ & I visited Matt's house this fall.


  2. Pappy! This changes everything...

  3. Matt, as usual you have been super generous with your time, support, creativity, and praise. Thank you so much for this awesome post!

    Also, my sincere thanks to my friends above for your kind words. They mean a lot!

  4. You know how people always say something just feels "right?" Seeing Dave back in the swing of things again just feels "right." Love you, brother! Now... let's make junk happen!!! :D

  5. Thanks, brother - much love coming at ya!