The Bah'glenn

Recently our friend, Chris "The Bah'glenn" Negri came up to visit and spend some time sculpting and developing his Canne'boids custom figures in the mess that is known as our upstairs.

For those of you unfamiliar with Chris, he is an artist and customizer operating out of Long Island, New York and has been heavy into collecting toys of all kinds for the majority of his life. The toys he played with fueled his imagination (Chris has a freakishly rich one) leading him to build his "Creature World" stories and characters, which were all from "Planet Slauria".

While we were upstairs in the studio I was lucky enough to get some time with all of his sketchbooks and I have to say I was astonished by the depth of creativity within them. Chris has a simplified drawing style that may not be the most technically advanced, but it has heaps of soul and is very clearly defined. There are pages and pages of extremely detailed descriptions, both written and illustrated, of just about every aspect of Creature World and its inhabitants.
Very inspiring stuff. So inspiring, that I asked Chris if I could take a run at drawing some of his monstrosities as well as his more recent creations such as the Canne'boids and Alien Mercenaries. He was kind enough to allow me to have some fun.

Chris eventually sculpted some of our fused concepts and heated up the results in his little oven that he lovingly referred to as "Old Red".

It was a great time and I came away from the visit very impressed by the amount of pure dedication Chris has to his creations. He makes stuff because he really loves to, and that was pretty cool to see.

Thanks for coming to the house Chris, and double thanks for the spark of inspiration your work brought out in me.

Long Live Slauria!


  1. Great looking stuff guys! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. You are too kind Mr. Doughty, it was an honor and a privilege to be allowed to see the inner workings of Glyos central as well as meet your family. Beth and I both thank you and your mrs. again for the opportunity.

    It's so weird/cool to see the Alien Mercenaries on the official Glyos backdrop, took them nearly 2 years to do it. Man I need to update those guys, they look so dated compared to the axis-jointed canne'boid LoL.

    I still think that pink fur is so odd, but it...works and I can't explain why. o_O

  3. Really sweet to see some collaboration work. Thanks for sharing. Seems like a fun time was had. . Hmm.

  4. Love your work Chris!

    Great to see you got the opportunity to kick back w/ Matt & his family.

    Hope you had as much fun w/ the kiddos as MJ & I did!

    Keep on truckin' brutha!


  5. Pure, unadulterated awesome. And new AM builds on the horizon, perhaps? Can't wait to see what comes of that!

  6. Awesome work, Chris! It's insane to see those guys on the classic glyos background.

    I love the Canne'boid and I'm honored to have three that are unique (though I look forward to the official debut of the Canne'stein)

    I hope you can make a few of the collaborative creatures, they're insane... and very... pastel... but, like you said, it works... it has no reason to work, but it really works!

  7. THIS is what Glyos is all about: fun and creativity all rolled up in one package. Matt and crew really deserve major awards for creating a toy line that encourages so many people to be their very best!

    Thanks for sharing the work of Bah'Glenn with folks who may have never seen his work! He's been one of the most enthusiastic members of our community and has created whole worlds to be enjoyed by everyone!

  8. Chris, it was so great meeting you there in NY.
    Just loved seeing these guys up close and personal, and love the way you put them together! Best!

    1. Thanks dude, it was awesome meeting you at NYCC too. I never even knew you commented to this post until I happened to be looking at it again today, nearly 6 months later. O_O

      Will you be at NYCC this year?

  9. My toaster oven, "Old Red", baked his last of my creations tonight July 13th at about 8:20pm. We created quite a lot these past 7-8 years, how I shall miss you old friend..