Red Ones!

I was at the grocery store getting some glorious donuts a few towns over (I should have snapped some pics of those beauties) and lo and behold I spotted some RED twist-ties. These were always the toughest to find growing up, so naturally I grabbed a fistful and brought them home.

The result of my tinkering this time was a light armored Desert Knight kind of twisty.

As I was messing around, my daughter Cady jumped into the mix and schooled me with her creativity. She created a pair of Tap Dancing Shoes, a Space Ninja and a self portrait (with her extra long legs). I never thought I would have a little partner to make these things with, but awesome moments happen when you least expect them.

Happy almost New Year!


  1. NICE, those are the best times with your kids. Besides my 4yr old saying "I love you" over the last few weeks we have some sweet play tyme together too :P

  2. Those twistys are crazy, still impresses me when I saw one in person. You'll have to post a "How-To" so we can try & build our own twistys. Cady's came out excellent also, it's cool she got into making them with you. :-D

  3. You know, this really blows me away. It seems you could take pretty much anything and turn it into something cool. The hints of detail on that little guy are amazing. I definitely got the "desert warrior" vibe. That being said, isn't snagging twist ties essentially stealing? ;) Heh heh heh...