Sneak Release!

We don't normally do surprise releases, but we wanted to end 2011 with something special from our ongoing collaboration with RealXHead Japan.

Tonight at 9PM EST we will have a GITD Pheyaos "Spectre Edition" available through a link in our upcoming 9PM blog post. The only paint on this sucker is his right eye, otherwise he is 100% pure Japanese glow vinyl (and he glows bright). Mori sent over a decent amount of figures so they should stick around for a bit. The price is $30 USD before shipping.

We will also have a small custom run of painted Pheyaos figures I did in the store as well. I couldn't resist the urge to paint a few of these guys, as the pure form just seems to scream for tinkering to occur. This will serve as the only real Custom Corps thing I have personally done in 2011. They will be sold blind bagged and run $40 USD.

We hope you guys have fun with this and it adds a little spice to the year end festivities!

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