Spectre Pheyaos Will Return

Due to the intense response on the recent Pheyaos release, Spectre Pheyaos will return in greater numbers early in 2012. I let Mori know about the strong turnout and he has put another round into the production schedule. We will give ample notice before the next edition becomes available (my apologies for the surprise attack this week).

Thanks again to all of you for showing a continued interest in the RXH collaborations.

2011 was a bit spotty for RXH releases here in the states and I've personally gotten a number of emails asking why the drops on our site, as well as the RXH USA site, have been so erratic. I think the causes are pretty varied, but I believe the main reason is connected to the subtle changes that are happening within the collecting communities both here and abroad. It's not that anything is going wrong, just that things are shifting for all of us, both professionally as well as personally. Mori is still cranking out the new stuff in Japan at a clip, but the production numbers are much smaller and more contained than they used to be. This is a direct result of the shift in dynamics happening within the vinyl collecting market over there. Again, I don't feel like things are in trouble, just that they are changing and Mori is staying ahead of the curve as usual. Through the use of Twitter he has been able to put together special drops at his shops and through experimentation has created a new way of selling RXH (and toys in general). Unfortunately, being over here does not satisfy our domestic desires for his fresh stuff when he rolls out new figures. Mori and I have talked about some different approaches to our collaboration that might pick up the pace and will continue to tweak things as we go along.

Both of us really appreciate the great support that you guys have shown each time we have had something new to offer. It means everything to Mori and I that you are continually there and truly allows this project to keep moving.

We will concentrate on getting more RXH out to you in 2012.


  1. I love these guys!!! Thanks Matt and Mori!

  2. NICE !!! And a Happy New Year would be had by all :) As usual the team of Matt/Mori kick arse again. Big TANX guys, looking forward to 2012.

  3. ooh, hopefully I can get one!
    On an unrelated note, I got the two crayboths I ordered today... as well as a surprise purple one! Thanks so much, super happy with all of them!

  4. Thanks so much for doing this Matt you are a superstar.

    The secret launch's are not a bad thing and reward people who really pay attention (not that those who missed out like myself dont pay attention) I just think that in this case the fact that it was a GID Pheyaos made it a super desireable item.

    Thanks for looking after us :)

  5. I know a TON of us would to see some more of the 8-inch tall figures, whether it's Pheyoas, Callgrim or some other great sculpt. Plus more on RxH's site too.

  6. That first picture is so cool Matt. I literally went "WHOA!" when I opened the page LoL. If Mori can do a red glow, you have to paint one up in a molten rock coloration.

    I really need to buy one of these guys one of these days, I always forget. That red & blue painted one looked awesome. O_O

  7. I definitely appreciate the thoughtful and honest feedback in your post regarding RxH and Onell releases. I've been collecting RxH for about 5 years now, and it feels like we get mostly lip service these days about when and how new releases may or may not be made available (not speaking to any source in particular). Granted, it is no longer 2008: people aren't exactly blowing the doors off to pick up each and every new RxH. It is understandable that selling methods need to be adapted. But the creativity evidenced in Onell and RxH collaborations is something that always catches my interest- and I think most RxH collectors feel similarly- so it is great to hear that the wheels are turning out there. Thanks for your continuous efforts to get new and exciting things out to us.

  8. I have yet to score an RxH. I hope this will be the one(when it is released).

  9. So how about Onell Design on twitter ? Does Machete tweet ? ;)

  10. YAAAY!! So glad to hear the news
    about more Glow Spectre Pheyaos
    heading our way, and thank you,
    Matt, that you're going to give
    us notice of its release. Any chance
    you can convince Mori to put out
    another wave of the original white
    colorway Pheyaos? ;D (Oh how I
    wish he made more of those)

    Having an erratic schedule doesn't
    bother me. I more interested in having
    a decent chance at buying toys when
    they're released in case there are
    some designs I want to add to my
    collection. For those interested in
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