Shades of Pheyaos

                           Special for the end of 2011.


  1. When?? Can't get enough of these.

  2. YES !!! Just what I wanted for the holidayz (but didn't get) I don't wanna miss this :P

  3. We were thinking about doing a surprise launch tonight. So, not so much a surprise after all. Ha! What do you guys think? Are you up for a RXH Special tonight?

    A box from Mori showed up just in time to close out the year, packed with a batch of GITD Pheyaos and man are they bright!

    I actually painted up a small run as well (very small), with a few different color styles. The GITD is excellent for customizing and lends itself to some neat effects. The eyes on the painted up versions above glow.
    I would love to see more custom paint jobs on these RXH pieces, so we have been looking at running more simplified styles for this option.
    The price on the GITD Pheyaos will be $30 USD. The customs will be $40.

  4. Hell's YEAH, I'm up for tonight !!! (I'll be at work, but the boss is on vacation so it's a GO) Any idea about when the "surprise time" would be ???

  5. Wondering about buying limits also. Those customs look so nice I don't know if I could pick one over the other (but if they are all different that point is moot). Then thought about getting 2 GITD and trying to do my own custom, which may end horribly :P I vote for 8/9PM what say you Matt ??? Don't wanna come off as greedy but I LUV this little guy and I only have BubbleVein so far...

  6. Was thinking the usual 9PM EST for this.

    There are 4 different kinds of customs so far. One style is a continuation of the Rilleco look with a black "big eye" and GITD little eye. Another is a Marine Type that has a very subtle fade from metallic blue to metallic green with a kind of aqua in-between thing happening. The Marine Type has a yellow Big Eye and GITD yellow tinted little eye (Michelle's favorite).
    The other types might have a little Real Type vibe to them.

    Looking like we might do this tonight!