Monsters VS Robots

The ever impressive Ralph Niese works his magic once again!

Michelle, Marc and I have been staring at this piece pretty much nonstop since first laying eyes on it.

Thanks a million Ralph! Now we just have to make a movie to match your poster!


  1. Please let this become available as a print. It's too awesome not to be.

    (Also, nice lil' surprise to see that the URL actually works!)

  2. Agreed with R. Whitford. I'd totally buy a print of this.
    Awesome work!

  3. I'd love to see posters like this for other things
    (Record of the delphi passcode?) I'd also love to own a physical version of this. that'd be epic!

  4. Too cool! Thanks for sharing Ralphs awesome art with everyone!

  5. The poster looks great!

    I think it would be cool if this movie was done in 2D animation or perhaps stop-motion with the actual figures.

    Of course the most daring would be to have the entire movie done in 8/16 bit computer graphics!

  6. The poster is looking very interesting.Thanks!

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