Crossworlds Part 2

Another example of the Four Horsemen's new Power Lords figures combined with some of our parts.

It's been fun trying to simulate the base dimensions of the original Power Lords limbs on these cybernetic builds.

Also, the Ggripptoggs are pretty big bruisers, standing just a smidge taller that a Syclodoc!


  1. Those look amazing. Any idea if the Power Lords figures will be just one color like those, or will they be painted?

  2. That Gripptogg is blowing my mind!!! So cool!

  3. Nice Matt! That Cray-claw is too cool!

  4. Ivorinium Crayboth? Awesome! And that Gripptogg build is incredible, especially with how closely the "cybernetic parts" follow the original sculpts.

    And the Glyaxia insignia on the Glyan makes me think we won't be seeing Gendrones in the Ivory, either. Something about what Glyaxia's been doing makes me think that they wouldn't be too friendly toward what's left of the Legion...

  5. I'm really broke right now, and you're not helping, Matt ;-)