Mordireus Mode activated!

These two pics were taken under different natural lighting, with one shot in the sun and one shot in the shade.

The crazy clear neon pink continues to be one of the strangest plastics I've ever seen.

More pics and a new release list coming soon. We are on track for September 8th!


  1. Shazam! Those are beautiful! This is currently one of my favorite colors. I love how it takes on orangish highlights. The way it holds and reflects light is really cool, it just seems to glow on its own. Nice to see the Gobon in a clear colorway...is a standard clear close behind?
    Can't wait to see more, this looks to be yet another exciting drop.

  2. So stoked, I love this color and a transparent gobon has been high on my wishlist for a while now. I might go a little crazy on this drop.

  3. I just seriously lost my shiz! So great, I think this one of the best colorways glyos has had. I'm hoping this will mean the return of stealth-bon too.

  4. Gah! Now I regret not grabbing a matching Sarvos when I had the chance. The duo looks quite dynamic together!

    So what else is in store for us this round?

  5. Don't ask me to bleed about it;
    I need this color to survive.

    Mo-mo-Mordireus! Mordireus!
    Ah! Mo-Mo-Mordireus!

  6. Definitely gonna hafta pick one of those Gobon's up. I do hope there are matching Axis Joints to go with it.

  7. Such a great and ridiculous color.

  8. I think it is really neat that one can see the alternate head and black eye floating within the belly of the Gobon.

    1. Also, this clear neon pink paired with the solid Ivorinium would make for some really amazing Glyans and Armorvors. Definitely hoping for an Ivorinium Armorvor above all else...