Sand Trap

Cady and CC wanted to dig a tunnel through the sand at the beach, so of course the event turned into a photo shoot.

I'm still trying to the get the sand out of my fingernails!


  1. Looks like giant rock formations out west, or on some unexplored alien world.

  2. love it...i can do the same in holiday this year, a promise for you Matt.
    (Remember my shipping in september!)

  3. Now that I have these fellows in hand I really understand the food association.

    At the moment I've configured three single color Nobotos and they all have the clone head. I'm calling them the Ice Cream Crew and Lymerran is their field commander.

    Not sure how I'll configure the white Gobon, but he will be called: The Big Scoop!

    I won't mind seeing future Nobotos in these three colors: baby pink, baby blue and grape purple. They'd make a nice addition to the ICC.

  4. It's really hard not to imagine these two having Calvin & Hobbes-esque conversations throughout this whole journey. Noboto strikes me as being a lot like Calvin, actually, with Gobon being the more sensible Hobbes.

    Man, these robots are cool.

    1. I need to see them playing a game of Calvinball... or better yet, Nobotos & Gobon doing the whole snowman in the driveway thing with Buildmen

  5. Speaking of Calvin & Hobbes, a documentary will be released in November.
    It's called: "Dear Mr. Watterson" and has been funded through Kickstarter.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a "Spaceman Spiff" inspired head for the Noboto body btw... ;-)