New Outlander Release!

Ni is set to release a brand new Outlander assortment in his store tonight, August 5th, at 9 PM EST.

The crazy clear neon pink shown in the pics above matches the Sarvos we ran back in December 2012 from the Council of Travelers release. It truly is one of the strangest hues of colored PVC I've ever seen. The surface seems to change its look depending on the light source you view it under. These pics were taken as the sun was getting low, which created a neat effect as Outlander Theta soaked up some solar energy!

Make sure you check out Ni and his partner Cpresti's new Astrolog as well, to see exactly what is going on between the characters shown above.

Congratulations on production round number 2 for the Outlander, Ni!

1 comment:

  1. Love that hot clear pink! Can't wait to see what that mix does under the blacklight. :)