Monster Kolor!

Congratulations to Matt Walker aka Dead Presidents on the launch of his brand new paint supply company, Monster Kolor! Matt has been working like crazy behind the scenes to put this venture together. After very long hours formulating special blends of super high quality paint combinations, the time has finally arrived to unleash his latest beast. The Monster Kolor site even provides an all new forum where fellow paint maniacs can share tricks and ask Mr. Dead Presidents himself for problem solving tips. The amount of time that has gone into this has been colossal, and the results look excellent and top quality. One of the coolest things is that Matt is making multiple sizes available for purchase, from small bottles to the larger, beefy options. I'm personally psyched to be able to get paint that has super adhesion, clean mixing and a tough finish. As all my fellow customizers know, getting paint to stick around after some playing can be frustrating as hell. Matt really went the distance getting the mix to be super strong and highly durable. You can brush it, spray it or splatter it, each technique will have the extra firepower of proper paint no matter how you decide to apply it. Imagine if the most critical painter set out to make a paint that met his highest standards, that's what Monster Kolor is. Check the Dead Presidents Blog to find out when the site goes live this week. You did it Mr. Walker, my disintegrating hat is off to you!


  1. Thats fantastic!! That really has to be some superior paint if he is putting it out. Congrats Mr Walker!

  2. awesome-mingo! now just scraping together some moneys and hope it can be shipped internationally! :P
    Thumbs up to you Mr. Walker!

  3. Wow I hope I can get some of this sent to the uk! I got an airbrush for Christmas which have been itching to use properly for ages and I don't think I could do any better than this in terms of paint to use with it!

  4. Wow. That's freggin' insane, and I might have to lurk around that forum when it goes up so I can learn a thing or two.

    This is awesome news!