Release Update

We are so close! The final touches are going on right now and we are about ready to go. Based on the feedback and our final workload, we are moving the release to early Sunday evening this weekend. Elements of the game are being adjusted and final inventory is getting the once over. This is a big boy, so we want to deliver it properly!

Huge thanks for still checking this stuff out, you guys are what inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of this project. So, get some sleep, then prepare your trigger fingers to do battle with the forces of Rilleco on Sunday!


  1. Thanks for the update Matt, can't wait to see everything you guys have been working on!

    Thanks for putting so much time and effort into everything! Looking forward to Sunday Evening!


  2. Thanks for letting us know Matt, you just saved me from a very late night :)

    Cant wait till Sunday evening


  3. Thanks for the update, Matt. Now everyone can relax a bit and be back ready for the drop. Glad to know you're concerned enough to make sure everything's right. That's one, of many reasons, we all love you and your products.

  4. thanks for the update... I'm going to be over at a friend's house sunday night... so I'm going to need to beg onto his comp so I can get my swag!

    stupid wrestlemania...

    looking forward to all this stuff!

  5. Thanks for the update! Can't wait for the game! (and figures)!

  6. Can't wait!
    Hope we get some more sneaks along the way! :D

  7. Ah blast, and I'll be on the road again, too. Nonetheless, it's great to see you're willing to put forth the effort to make this the best you possibly can!

    And again, thanks for the update!

  8. A small delay is fine by me! I could use all the time I can get to gather capital to finance this wave! I'm sure I'll be spending more than ever this time around!

  9. My kids and I are as excited about the game as we are the launch!! Thanks for making all of this happen Matt and Co.

    You say that we inspire you but I think you inspire all of us too! That's why we keep coming back.


  10. *WHEW* As I'm attending I-Con while waiting for the new stuff to drop so I can zip to a computer and order things, was making me a little anxious. Seeing that it'll be out Sunday evening is much better as the con ends at 5-or-6 so I maaay just be home by the time the new drop happens. Kudos again Matt, I'm looking forward to the new video game. Now if only you were able to put these games on an NES cartridge and make them NES compatible...

  11. Or better still get some wiiware programing software and do a wiiware release!!