All Warmed Up

We are in the home stretch for launching the new stuff this week (might bump into Saturday morning). The above sneak shots pack in just about everything on deck, with a few omissions to keep it interesting. Full reinforcements for the Spring!


  1. ...yellow and blue Sarvos? Could...could it be?

    Matt, my friend, if my eyes are not deceiving me, you are my hero.

  2. If my calculations are correct.. I am going to have to make some hard decisions this drop. I want multiples of everything!

  3. Oh good golly! Such much goodness! I hope you've produced lots and lots of these! :D

  4. O_O! Great googily moogily! Okay, so...wow. Hmm..I hope I have enough money in my checking account for everything I'll want. And I-Con is this weekend too, so I'll have to make sure I'm at the computer when the drop happens. Liking that silver Buildman's arm configuration, may have to try that out later.

  5. Wow. I like everything I see. They just keep getting better! The only things I don't like about this new set of Glyos figs;
    1; There's sooo much goodness, making it tough to choose what ones to spend my money on.
    2: I'll probably be away from a computer when they are released, and miss out. I second Cappy's comment; I hope lots and lots are produced.

  6. I hope I have enough money or that those single colored Buildman show up in the Buildstation

    Yay, Glow Armo & Globon !!

  7. Man oh man...I want everything!

    Keep up the awesome work! I can't wait to see what these "omissions" are...

  8. Some quick facts about the new stuff:

    -The most Gobons produced yet (should not sell out super fast)

    -The silver and black Armodocs are from the Japan release and the remaining stock were brought over so that everyone could get a shot a them. In response to many inquiries we'll be releasing some clear Armodocs even though they have the air bubble issues. Powered Armodoc will also return.

    -The clear single color Buildman figures will be in the Build Station. Their cost will be $6.
    The unpainted Glow Buildman will also be in the Build Station for $6. Solid color versions will remain at $4. In total there will be 10 colors in the Build Station at the launch:
    Solid Red
    Solid Blue
    Solid Grey
    Solid Black
    Solid White
    Clear Colorless
    Clear Light Blue
    Clear Orange
    Clear Smoke

    -There will be three styles of Gobon:
    Standard MKII
    Stealth MKII

    -3 new Phase Arm/Gobon Blasters:
    Clear Orange
    Clear Blue
    Clear Smoke

    -Infiltrator Buildman is back and in higher numbers.

    -The Travelers (and Sincroid) will have over 8 styles popping up.

    -There will be a new game -Glyaxia!

    -One or two surprises.

    That's a brief synopsis. My main goal is to have enough stuff so everyone who wants something can get
    it without stress. A few things are produced in lower numbers, like Hades (because of the additional painting and hand cast scarf), but the majority of the toys are the highest production numbers we have done to date.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this novel!

  9. WOW, that's a butt-ton of stuff Matt. I'm glad I've been saving up some $$$ for this wave. I like reading these types of novels as they're informing me of what stuff is coming out so I can plan better. Kudos again on this next drop, LOTS of good stuff coming down the pipe & looking forward to the new game and these other surprises. :-D

  10. Matt, thanks much for the update, and for offering the new Buildman figures at a reduced price in the Buildstation. The new Phase Arm varieties sound really exciting, too!

    Over 8 varieties of the good ol' standard figs, though...hmm...

  11. I heard my check book whimper when I read the update.

  12. wait... hang on... let me just link my bank account to you... man alive that all sounds amazing..

    I hope I can get a hades... saturday morning might be good... I'll be home then!

    good god I'm going to have to make some decisions... I might have to miss a new armodoc so I can finally get the powered doc I've been craving..

    and a glowbon... and jumping bleezers there's so much awesome coming out...

  13. Wow Matt!@ Looking forward to seeing this new drop! The Colored Sarvos and Pheydens look astounding! Plus looks like I might just get an ARmodoc! Hooray!

  14. As someone with limited funds, a love for Sarvos, and a love for glow-in-the-dark, you sure do know how to make a guy pick Matt. Awesome looking wave so far!

  15. TOO MUCH!!! AAAGH!!


  16. damn gina, thats big wave. even though there are some great travelers in there I think the thing thats really gonna hit my account the hardest is the new expansion of the buildstation. after getting a handful last time you filled it back up I definitely got bit by the build bug. Up to that point I had pretty much been a configuration purest but now.....oh boy!

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  18. Can't wait!
    There gonna be junkshop appearance Matt? Or were the QC on this wave fairly good?

    Still keepin my fingers crossed on the Delphi making an appearance.


  19. I'm hoping that these will available on friday night, because I now have to work saturday instead of friday.

    Please....friday night ?