Inspired by the Bah'glenn

I did the above drawings while the Bah'glenn was visiting. They are a mix and match of direct translations of his core designs as well as some alternate takes on his characters.  His creation called "Cereblor" was particularly awesome, so I had to take a crack at illustrating a modern version of such a brainy beast.

Thanks again Chris, I had a blast scribbling these guys together.


  1. Wonderful work. Thanks for sharing these. Much better looking than the one Chris sent me.

  2. That second one really reminds me of Mon-star!

  3. Matt you are a true madman, I had no idea you were going as full tilt on the Alien Mercs drawing as you did. Imagine how shocked I was to look on my dashboard of my account & see a new entry with the Alien Mercenaries in the photo preview spot LoL.

    Awesome artwork all around Matt, and seeing Cereblor drawn in a style other then my 15+ year old hand's style is very weird/cool/amazing to me. I'll have to post a little entry about Cereblor over at the blog now, along with the original drawing.

    @Talyn: Maybe we should call that one a Canne'star?

  4. celeblor needs to exist in my hand now!

  5. @Talyn: LOL, maybe someday I'll sculpt bits of him up & see if we can get them cast for a limited edition figure of sorts. Phaseon & Gobon limbs would work perfectly for his arms & legs, it's funny how Matt & I both were inspired by the same things & drew our robots in the ways we did.

    I just finished editing a new blog entry that talks about Cereblor a little more indepthly, so if you are curious to learn more follow the link: