Flex Appeal II

Continuing with the exploration of vinyl building potential, I find the main point of interest for me is that it has a certain lawlessness to it. Each time I start to think that a build might not work, it's refreshing to realize that things are different with rotocast vinyl. I'll still absolutely be a PVC geek for life, as there is a true magic to a toy with some limits to work around, but the more I experiment with vinyl, the more its potential is revealed.

Custom ships, structures, bases, mechs, and general vehicles are only a few of the themes that are possible to explore on a larger scale. Maybe that's the other big reason that vinyl appeals to me, because we can make true scale between the PVC figures and the vinyl constructs, a 1:1 ratio across the range.

Nailing the right pricing is always a major concern, and making the numbers work can be a challenge. These vinyl projects need to be affordable but pretty high quality to really survive. Kind of a working paradox in our present economy. That being said, I promise you guys I'll continue to keep the margins as tight as possible and the overall production level to our dedicated standards (translation: these new parts will not break the bank).

Some sketches are on deck next.


  1. Matt, i hope that yuo made a piece like a connector between pvc and vinil parts, A disk like the Armodoc Hip, in the positive part to insert in vinil hole, and in the Other hand an hole for the pin of the pvc parts,thats will be amazing...

    1. The PVC Hub Set should cover your request. There is a part in the set that is specifically designed to do precisely what you are after:
      a PVC to Vinyl connector.
      I'm putting together a proper post on the Hub Set details that will be up early next week.

      Thanks Kal!

  2. Oh I wanna see some sketches. Probably more so than a full reveal. I'd love to swim through a pile of your sketches a la Scrooge McDuck one day.

  3. I think once I have a dozen or so of those things in hand, I'm going to end up making some crazy shnoopin' things. Really excited about this drop, I even busted out my Rubik's Snake.