Triangle Tangle

The general process of creating new parts is a real combo of paper rumbles and mini studies. Ron always pushes me to make smaller test sculpts before jumping into the finished work, especially with the backwards compatibility of what we do. Most of the time I'll follow this method, but sometimes things just come out of nowhere and go straight to the finished prototype. Maybe it's akin to wanting to make a sandwich at 3AM when you had no intention of eating.

Which I did last night (salami and cheese special).

These new parts were more of a planned meal, due to the measurements needing to be pretty precise so that they would actually function properly. We went through three rounds of test shots before the final production pieces would work correctly. Nailing the new vinyl Switch Pin was possibly the toughest, as it has to hold the whole show together.

The above conceptual sketches are the usual mess of ideas, with a few done after the initial test shots failed to work (like the Switch Pin). Drawing stuff never gets old, and will always remain my first love.


  1. The best part of what you do Leonardo...the process!

    Thanx 4 postin' these.


  2. mmmm salami and cheese. Love the conceptual shit man! Cant wait!

  3. Very cool! Your like a mad scientist!

  4. These sketches are so cool, they give such a great sense of what you are trying to achieve with this.

    Love the pyramid style build that can be seen in there.

    Can't wait to see some of the builds you have done with these!

  5. ...so... we're all getting sandwiches? o_o;

  6. In some years this sketches will be keep under glasses in a museum. At least this is the way they deserve.

  7. whit this is possible to build big astro cruise...love this!
    thank man

  8. I never thought I'd think 'I want a vinyl triangle', but you've made me think that. Looking forward to it, and to see what else you've got for us. :)