Hubba Bubba

The idea of "hubs" in general have been a major theme for multiple projects over here, dating back almost a year in their collective development. Initially these ideas were born from the natural progression of wanting more parts to build with, pieces that would allow for subtle changes to the system versus major ones like the Axis Joints. I personally wanted to have a PVC upgrade set that could also be a contained build from the start. There are a few things that you can make with a default Axis Joint Set, but they are pretty abstract. This new PVC Hub Set needed to be more than just parts packed loose in a bag. So the development process started with this basic parameter in mind.

Another major principle was to have the ability to create defined combination builds that would utilize every part within their constructions. An example being a Deep Space Glyan that could be configured by using every part of a Hub Set and a Glyan, resulting in an old school Fisher Price astronaut vibe by intention of design. 

The larger central parts of the Hub set would also need to function as a PVC/Vinyl connector, allowing for an easy way to change those vinyl female fit functions into female PVC fit functions, opening up some play mechanics.

The above conceptual designs illustrate how the Hub Set and Drone configurations started to really take shape late last year.  Being obsessed with classic robots like Robby the Robot, Tomy wind ups (Pocket Bots, Rascal Robots) and small "helper" droids and  machines (R2-D2, V.I.N.C.E.N.T.,  IQ-9) came pouring out and influenced everything about the Hub Set and its combined forms.

Little machines rule.

EDIT: Removed Buxton-mania from the scans!


  1. Looks absolutely amazing! Can't wait to explore the endless building opportunities these bring to the table!

  2. As cool as the other previews were, this has me the most excited. Really looking forward to these, and to beefing up some Glyans. Now, if I can only get them in a certain school's/Command's colors... ;) haha

  3. Now these are fantastic. Thanks for letting us see them.

    Might be going to pinball wizards this weekend. Going to chunkys tonight.

  4. Can't wait for these! I think I see alternate hand/ foot attachments in there. That'll be good for those of us with too many Extra Sets and not enough limbs for'em! Any word on an exact date for the drop, so I can shuffle some of my finances around?

  5. These will be a blast to build with. A build-centric drop would be amazing.

    1. I am equally excited for this prospect. So much that can be done with Phaseons and Glyans, not to mention just what this might do for Axis Joint configurations and the like.

      Just please tell me that these will be available in as many colorways as there are Phaseons and Glyans!

  6. Deep space Glyan possibility?
    This is pretty exciting.

  7. you've no idea how badly I want the hub sets... if only for a glyan R2/VINCENT to take on trips... but I love the idea of a glyan astronaut...

    I really hope I don't screw up this drop

  8. So excited for the hubs! Man, now I have to go dig out my old Tomy robots. I remember when I was a wee lad and those were the coolest thing EVER, especially the acrobat bot!

  9. I hope they're are alot of theses sets it seems like its not a get one to try thing as much as a get one for every figure you have an updrade them and get 5 spare to try on themselves. Just a testimate to how awesome your designs are.