Thank You!!!

Thanks to all of you who participated in Saturday's release! The turnout was solid and it seemed like the limits on the figures worked out to be the right approach to making sure everybody got what they were after. My apologies to those that wanted multiples of the Armorvors, those little beasts continue to rock the boat over here! New stuff is currently in production for next month's drop.

All shipping for this batch starts on Wednesday.

November is just around the corner and we have a pretty decent sized assortment of things on deck for the end of that month. The vinyl will be dialed back again, with only the Armodoc representing our hollow bodied babies. November will be our last full production release for 2012, with late January 2013 being the next planned return of new stuff.

I've been personally working on the production Delphi, along with a few other projects that are moving along at an OK pace. Some new joints have been in the works for quite a while, and it looks like they may finally surface after way too long in the testing phase.

The 4H, Spy Monkey Creations, Boris over at Banimon and Jesse all have some great (and some surprising) projects in the process of being made. It looks like 2013 could be the craziest year yet for Glyos in general.

Thanks again for being the best damn group of people out there. We had an awesome experience at NYCC, and spending time with many of you made the trip to the city absolutely worth it. It was truly a blast just talking about anything and everything. I still can't believe how like minded we all seem to be!

All of us over here feel luckier each and every day we get to continue making new toys to share with you guys. Your support is never taken for granted and it remains the only reason we can follow our hearts over here. Thanks again for everything.


  1. Sounds like a tom of exciting stuff working its way down the pipeline. This set of Armorvors look amazing. A production Delphi sounds almost too good to be true! Will there be just 1 head type or multiple? I hope I can make it to NYCC one year!

  2. And I'd like to underscore the comment that those Armorvor pictures taken amongst the Fall colors truly rock. I was too excited about the drop to mention this in previous post.
    Glad to hear that all those partner companies have more plans for 2013! It's exciting that not only can Onell support itself, but there's room for these other guys, too.

  3. Thanks for a nice little drop, Matt! Collette got our order this time, since I was freelancing at a cold, rainy, miserable football game during the drop. She scored everything!

  4. NYCC was amazing! So much fun meeting everyone and talking to you in particular. Can't wait for the next big event!

    This post is full of too much awesome news. Delphi? Yes! Curious to see the new joints, if they are the result of those hinge like pieces we've seen a prototype or two of. Also hope that one of those "surprising" collaborations is that 5 foot long callgrim spaceship that's been dreamed of every now and then!

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work!!!!!!

  5. Hey Matt,
    Pleasure meeting you at NYCC, and thanks again (junior loved them).
    The new stuff looks cool.
    Hope we can talk again sometime.
    -Mike (from ToyMemories)

  6. New joints have me giddy like a school girl.

  7. Are there any plans to do a panel lined Armorvor at some point? I know the amount of paint going on these is already probably breaking the bank, but these would look amazing with the traveler treatment.