The Store is LIVE!

Have fun!


  1. Limits are hard, but fair. That GITD Armorvor will be the death of me. If they last the night will the limit be lifted? (Who am I kidding, they'll be gone within the next 20 minutes)

  2. Love the grey with the Stannic head, and can't wait to dye some of those clear Crays! And with perfect timing just as I get back to work, great drop!

  3. Yeah, it worked I was able to get the boys Armorvors with no problem tonight. Thanks Matt for making the 1 per person limit on this drop. I know that it wasn't popular with many but I appreciate it. You guys are the best!!!!

  4. Looks like I just made it two Armorvors gone in about 11 minutes by my timing.

  5. Just got 2 Armorvors since a friend got me the 3rd at NYCC. Didnt get an order confirmation email so I hope it all went through fine. Cant wait for these!

  6. Digging the new store sprites

  7. Thank you so much for putting a limit on the
    Armorvors. I tried refreshing and refreshing
    around 9:30pm and the amount of traffic kept
    me looking for over minute at a blank screen and
    a circling icon letting me know that my browser
    was trying to connect. When it finally connected
    I was able to pick up one of each Armorvor that
    I wanted. I know if the limits weren't in place
    there's no way I would have seen any of them in
    the store after my wait.

  8. I second krakit's sentiments. It took forever for the pages to load, then when they did there wasn't an "add to cart" button! Everything cleared up and I got what I wanted minus the black hub sets (which I am sure will turn up again soon). Thanks Matt and crew!

  9. I am cursed. I think I must've done something to offend the glyos gods. I'm sorry, whatever it was I did.