Armorvors Attack Tonight!

My apologies for the delay in posting the final details for tonight's release, been busy over here since NYCC!

The Store will be ready for action at 9:30 PM EDT, tonight, October 20th.

Here's the skinny:

-Armorvor  Neo Nebula (Light Purple/Dark Purple with green visor /grey furry head with painted eyes) $8
-Armorvor  Verexxan (Grey/Dark Grey with red visor /yellow furry head with painted eyes) $8
-Armorvor  Spectre (GITD Green with aqua green visor and accents /black and white painted eyes) $8

-Neo Nebula Pheyden (Light Purple/Grey detail lines with painted eyes) $8

-Crayboth  Stealth (Clear Colorless/no paint) $3

There will be no surprises tonight, just a contained little drop. The major piece of information is that each Armorvor will be limited to ONE OF EACH STYLE PER CUSTOMER.

So you can grab 1 Neo Nebula, 1 Verexxan and 1 Spectre Armorvor tonight.  

The Neo Nebula Pheyden will be limited to 2 per customer and the Stealth Crayboth are unlimited.

The one of each style limit for the Armorvors will hopefully ensure that everybody who wants something tonight will have an easier time at the checkout and cut down on overall stress.

The November Order is in production and will see the return of the Stealth Armorvor (Clear Colorless) in much greater numbers for customizing, as well as a special all new solid color with paint applications, also produced in much greater numbers.

Hope to see you guys tonight!!!


  1. "...the Stealth Crayboth are unlimited."
    Doing the Happy Cappy dance.

  2. Haha, I bet Eric just crapped his pants at the stealth anouncement!

    It was so awesome meeting and getting to talk with you at NYCC! Even my friends (who could care less about toys in general) really enjoyed chatting with you. Looking forward to the next event, and thanks as always, keep up the great work.

  3. Matt, Please promise that the Glow Armorvor will return, I'd like to get 2

  4. I had some heads from Marty painted up by Eric that matched these based on you guys mentioning the two per limit. Now I am quite the sad panda.

    1. At least you have the set from NYCC heading your way! That should soften the blow a bit! :)

  5. I'm grabbing one of the Armorvors for a Glyos community member without a permanent current address and now I'm going to have to choose between him having one and me having one. No sir, I don't like it.


  6. Between getting 2 of each or 1 of each, I'd rather have 2.
    However, between having a good chance of getting 1 of each, or a bigger chance of getting 0, I'd definitely take the 1 each.

  7. Two of each!
    Two of each!
    Beach bleach breach cheech leitch meech preach!

    Please please please with a cherry on top of a Formanchie! :)

  8. Given how quickly these sold at NYCC, it's not at all surprising to see the need for a one-per limit this run! I'm content with mine, so I won't tempt fate, but those Crays...dyed hordes of Crays...all I ask is that they last a week until payday!

  9. man... I'm glad I got the guys at NYCC... I completely forgot and missed them... kinda wanted a second pheyden and maybe another purple, but I really hope others who missed out where able to get. they are awesome, especially the GITD, which is something I love dearly

  10. Gotta say, those pics with the fall leaves are gorgeous!