We hoped that we could stay on track tonight, but after a day of troubleshooting an unforeseen new Paypal issue with the shopping cart system, we are bumping the launch to tomorrow night, Thurs. Oct 20 at 10PM EDT, so we have extra time to test out the changes we've discovered.

We'll reconfirm the new date and time with an update tomorrow. With the heavy traffic we're seeing on the site today, we're not taking any chances, even if this hiccup turns out to be a minor one.

Thank you for being patient with our continued PayPal snafus. We are working towards something new that will hopefully make bumps like this a thing of the past.


  1. Much respect - I know you've had trouble w/ PayPal in the past and we all appreciate your being careful and proactive with it.

    Ah, but now I have no excuse to avoid watching the debate :-)

  2. Thanks for the update! Sorry to hear about the issue with PayPal, and given how popular these little guys are going to be, playing it safe is for the best.

    (Also: perfect rep for "technical issues" up there.)

  3. Can we at least get a run down and pics of the drop to tide us over til tomorrow ?

  4. Heavy traffic at the site? Oh, that was just me; I was refreshing every couple minutes hoping for some Crayboth pics.