Family Values

The pic shown above was only a dream for Marcus and I not that long ago. From his very first render of "Bit Pheyden", we would discuss what a fully realized PVC version of Marc's pixels would look like, and how in the world we would ever pull it off. Well, thanks to the incredible rise of the 3D printer and some truly brilliant new specialized modelling software, the "Bit"-mension Gate finally cracked open and allowed for something really special to come into our reality.

With a fresh shot of updated vibrant light blue, Mega Bit Pheyden and Bit Pheyden are ready to join the ranks of the Glyos and Bit Fig universes, landing right in place with their SSM-born brethren across both the Ninja and Animal spectrum.

Pheyden's new cousins might be a little square, but they really bring things full circle.

We're so proud of you, Marcus.


  1. Not interested in the big figure, and can't get a few or even just one of the mini Pheyden. I know why you're doing this - bulk vending by itself just isn't profitable - but these don't have any secondary market value yet. So you can't upsell me on limited edition colors when I won't even be able to give these away a year or two from now. Learned my lesson from Mordles: Unless I want to be stuck with it forever, don't buy it.

  2. If you're collecting independently produced items, it's probably a good idea to only go after the things you have a true passion for, not just the things that you already intend to let go within a couple of years.

    There is no upsell, just a choice to explore something unique, offered directly from its creator. Nothing nefarious or premeditated here, just some little characters made with heart and soul.

    Also, you could just email Marcus and ask if he'd hook you up with what you'd like. We've been doing that kind of thing for around a decade now, and we're always happy to connect.

  3. MEGA BIT ARMORVOR !!! PLEASE !! love those big BIT figures!!