Thank You!!!

Thanks to all of you, we've just made it through one of the most intense weeks around here since the Paypocalypse of 2013.

Before I get into the specifics of what occurred last week with the store, I personally want to express how grateful I am for the repeat turnout as we muddled through our mess. The fact that you guys still have the dedication to come back and check out what we're up to is what fuels the main engine, especially during mishaps with our eternal frenemy, PayPal. It can't ever be said enough how much we love doing this with all of you.

The TMNG wave proved to be a good one, and there will definitely be another small visit to their subterranean world in 2017. It was an extra special assortment for Marcus and I in particular, as we bonded originally over our mutual admiration for the old TMNT comics, toys and video games of our youth, back when we first met while working at Beantown Toys. What an incredible and enduring world Eastman and Laird created together all those years ago. The latest round of Glyos stands as Onell's tribute to their inspiring legacy.

Following up on the previous posts about our recent store issues, we can report that the PayPal shopping cart system and inventory control failed not only on the original night of the launch, but also on the relaunch of our store last Friday afternoon. Upon contacting PayPal to check on how we should proceed with the situation, they recommended that we close the store down for at least 48 hours, then reload the entire store (with new buttons) for a third time. This was not going to cut it, so we got out the scratch pad(s) again and went to work old school style, marking each item down that was sold as your orders appeared in real time. This process completely felt like the old days, long before we ever had an online inventory system, with crazy counting going on at a rapid fire pace. The experience was once again humbling to say the least.

Now that the dust has finally settled, we are preparing to finally roll out an all new shopping cart interface through Shopify, so be on the lookout for some changes in the checkout process over the coming week. Marcus has been test running this system with the Bit Figs site, and so far the results have been solid.

Going into the last two months of 2016, we'll be attending Designer Con in November for the 3rd straight year, and we're super excited to catch up with everyone in person again. This is an excellent convention run by exceptional people, and we're honored to participate in the madness that is DCon in sunny Pasadena with our friends. We plan on having some sneak preview stock from our year end early December wave available, as well as a few other little bits.

Well, I've succeeded in making another text tidal wave, so I'll clip my rambling before you all fall asleep on your keyboards. Thanks again for all the worlds that you continue to allow us to explore. Having a place these last 9+ years to share our weirdo ideas has consistently given us hope and happiness, no matter how many virtual stores have exploded along the way.

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  1. well... I hadn't been here too so long I missed the drop, but was, thankfully, able to at least get a couple of things still left behind. I need to be more careful :(