Mighty Maniax: Dark Earth

The powerhouse that is Rocom Toys has been running another great Kickstarter called Mighty Maniax: Dark Earth, over the last month and it comes to a close late tonight! Everything from hulking barbarians, bio-plated snakemen, spaced invaders, cycloptic armored despots, horned overlords and possessed skeletons await you! Rocom worked like a madman to cover all the details for his new Dark Earth project, with an impressive new catalog of Glyos compatible characters and parts to explore as the result! Who knows, maybe Dethro was even trained in the same Pit of Despair as Slaeyr from the new Dreadvalken Bit Figs line ...

Head over to the Mighty Maniax: Dark Earth campaign and join in on the expansion of another fully independent action figure line.

From Rocom:

Mighty Maniax: Dark Earth from Rocom Toys Launching on Kickstarter

Rocom Toys is adding Barbarian and Fantasy characters to their expansive line of Glyos compatible action figures starting April 16th on Kickstarter. Inspired by Conan, Golden Axe, D&D, and Jurassic Park, the new campaign ushers in Axe Wielding Gladiators, Mystical Mages, and Fearsome Beasts. The project features some Exclusive items ranging from enamel pins designed by Tom Whalen and Toy Galaxy's Dan Larson, to a set of Artist Edition Trading Cards with some of the industry's top illustrators including Jonathan Way$hak, Brad Walker, Jeffrey Brown, Greg Hinkle, Justin Greenwood, Toy Shiz, and more.


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  1. Good Morning Sirs!
    My wife too called me a mighty maniac today!! Last night, instead of taking my wife to dinner, I took an effigy of her which I created using Glyos. The dinner (which was at a local diner which serves diner dinners for dinner) went very, very well. My beautiful Glyos wife listened intently to my stories and, although she did not laugh when she should have, she also did not shake her head in disapproval at me all the time either. Wink to the wink also, because the night ended very, very romantically too!!
    Unfortunately this morning my wife did her own kick starter against the effigy and now I am hiding underneath our still substantial covid-19 toilet roll mountain!
    I am looking forward to your next big release sir!
    Good morning!