Bit Figs Dreadvalken is LIVE!

Presenting... Bit Figs DREADVALKEN!
An all-new series featuring 6 unique designs, packed and sealed in full-color production blind bags! Series 1 includes 6 standard colors plus special edition GLOW and super rare METALLIC figures for a total of 60 variations to hunt and collect.
Available now in Standard and Mystery packs, plus a limited edition GITD Xenoglow Green complete set, exclusively at the Culture Pirates Shop!
The Dreadvalken celebration will continue all month long with more fun surprises, stay tuned!


  1. Very excited! The figures look great, and the packs seem like a ton of fun. Reminding me of buying crazy bones and searching through pack after pack for certain characters and colors. Can't wait, congrats on an awesome release!

  2. Awesome! What material are these ones made from? I notice the shot description describes them as being soft and pliable- are they not the same firm plastic as the original Space, Ninja, and Animal BitFigs?

    1. They are injection molded at a lower durometer, and feel more like a keshi figure- still firm and keep shape well, but softer pvc.