Equisarren Centurion Valkensteel

After the emergence of the First Children and the events that followed near the Edge of Space,
 Pheyden took the remnants of the Intruder Armor that he recovered after the battle and rushed them to the enigmatic Varteryx Archimyrius within the Glyosar Dimension, where the omniscient eyes of the Elder Masters cannot see. It was there that Pheyden relayed careful instructions from the Council of Travelers for Archimyrius to create a new countermeasure for the coming conflict. 

Using a combination of various genetic codes and the Intruder remnants, Archimyrius brought forth the artificial being known as the Equisarren Centurion, created specifically to battle the powerful First Children of the Elder Masters. Possessing a quadrupedal form outfitted with warp thrusters on each foot and a dangerous array of hybrid bioweapons, the Equisarren Centurion's only flaw was that it could not be reproduced without more genetic material from the First Children. 

However, rumors of a strange and horrific abomination also born from the recklessness of the First Children began to spread amongst the Travelers, and its location ...Glyosar. 


  1. Fantastic 😍

  2. Okay that's the coolest thing I've ever seen in a while. You better make one in Centurus from Micronauts.

  3. Will the Centurian build be released in other colorways or is this a special one-time DX release for the launch of the new head?