Thank You!!!

An extra monstrous thanks for being part of the special debut release of Mike MZs Zulloid! Right out of the gates, I know there has been some warranted frustration with the brevity of availability on this new assortment, and for that I do personally apologize. 

That being said, this entire round was the last order Mike MZ placed before he passed on, so the numbers were not at the level that we would normally run for our own stuff. We worked closely with the family of Mike MZ to make sure they were all totally on board with us releasing this wave just as Mike had asked me to do in our last conversation. To say that this entire experience has been intensely emotional doesn't really come close to covering it.  

Wave 101 is lined up to roll out near the end of this month and it does include a brand new Zulloid in the mix, run at higher numbers. You'll also see another edition of the Zulloid pop up in a different location even sooner than that. Our aim right along the way has been to do a successive series of Zulloid editions to celebrate the last project we all did with Mike MZ. Keep your eyes peeled over where "the gods are beasts" sometime next week if you're hunting for the next style of the Zulloid. 

Mike would have been extremely happy by the turnout for his new creature from space. There's a good story to tell regarding the development and history of the Zulloid, and I look forward to sharing it with you once all the dust settles a bit. 

Deep gratitude goes out to the whole Moszczynski Family for allowing us to share in continuing the legacy of Mike with all his friends and fans. 

We finally got it out there, Mike!    

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  1. As a Zullbeast fan from day one, it’s surreal and sad to have these new figures in hand. Mike really did have a knack for beautiful color combinations and creature designs. He was always so engaging and generous with his fans, and the Zulloid is evidence of his genius. What makes Glyos so engaging and welcoming is the community that you have fostered. Thanks to you Glyos has continued expand allowing creators to build such a myriad of characters. We really are in a Glyos renaissance!!! Do I detect some Villser soldier DNA in the Zulloid? I seem to recall a couple of early sketches that had similar proportions. Can’t wait to hear more on how this new addition was developed. -Witchwitchwitch