Thank You!!!

Thanks for making the return of Bit Figs a glorious one! The first batch of orders will hit the post tomorrow and continue into Thursday & Friday. I'll be sharing more about the new series over at BitFigs.com, but I wanted to thank 3 key people who helped bring these mini monstrosities to life:
PJ of Spaced Out Design who was instrumental in the early prototyping, printing dozens of versions while we worked up and refined the sculpts for over a year. Series 2 is well underway thanks to his efforts!
George of Double G Toys for creating the final masters at Four Horsemen Studios that were used for the steel mold, and who has been an unwavering supporter since the beginning, not to mention helping bring the original Skeleden into existence. 
And of course to my brother-in-arms Matt, who was involved every step of the way, co-developing these characters, co-managing the project, and pushed me to take this series to the Edge of Space and back.
Thank YOU for the continued support and helping make this rollout a success. Special collabs and more on the horizon!

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  1. Elated to see these debut after getting to handle the prototypes at Toy Pizza Con. Very excited to get my order in hand keep up the great work Marcus!