Callgrim Custom Corps II

Congratulations to Jesse and Mr. Chooch for a great showing on their first collaboration! CCC II is sold out!


  1. Very disappointed, third time I've missed, this time literally by a few seconds......how many were available? One? Two? Doesn't it make sense to produce enough for everyone to have a shot. Stop being so elitist. You have better chances @ lotto or e-bay.....

  2. Ouch.

    A little harsh no?

    You do realize that all the Custom Corps figures are individually hand assembled and painted, right?

  3. i try but my paypall falls...next time, this morning i'll buy some other things.
    It's normal for custom corps, i like this they are like an art opera.
    it's not a mass production!

  4. Yes totally aware. Also aware that they have a small market for them. Why not do what the Japanese @ Toygraph do. Send an e-mail blast to everyone who has purchased figures, those who respond within a give period of time, like 2 hours on a certain day, pay in advance etc.. Those folks get the random figs.Or produce for those who respond & pay in advance.

  5. But where is the fun in offering a limited run, have a sell date, and then surely somebody misses out - that's what it is all about! To seed grief!
    You're taking it way to serious, Bob.