Axis Armored Xodiac

Took a quick few shots of the Horsemen's awesome Galactic Holiday Xodiac (silver chrome version) with some Axis Joints added on. I've had him out in the barn with me while I pack orders, battling Neo Phase Pheyden while the boxes fly! I really love the OSM!

I'm extra excited because I've heard that Mel is designing some new components for upcoming assortments. Make sure you guys let the Horsemen know that we would all be super excited if Mel unleashes some all knew variations of the classic designs (just imagine alternate heads and weapons packed with future assortments-designed by Mel and the Horsemen together). Maybe we could even see some all new characters materialize from the outer reaches of space!


  1. With the mention on Fox & Friends I hope Colossus Rex comes out sooner than later.

  2. I wish for all designs that they are made by Mel because he's a great designer and sculptor! I love what the 4HM achieve but Mel's style is not to top!

  3. Xodiac is about to crack some heads there!

  4. Sweet!

    Hey Matt, I participated in the last drop. It was my first time buying from your store and I'm really happy with the axis joints and the super cool clear Glyos Goodies you sent me. The joints have added a whole new dimension to my Four Horsemen OSM adding some heft, articulation and all around badassery!