The Skinny

We're almost ready to go for tomorrow night! Just some final editing on a couple more pics to finish up, but things are looking good. Here is the rough breakdown of what will be in the store:

The Gendrones:
• Clear Purple Buildman Gendrone and Axis Joint Set.
• Clear Yellow Buildman Gendrone, Axis Joint Set and Phase Arm Set.
• Clear Green Buildman Gendrone, Axis Joint Set and Phase Arm Set.
• Clear Colorless Buildman Gendrone, Axis Joint Set and Phase Arm Set.
• GITD Green Buildman Gendrone, Axis Joint Set and Phase Arm Set
• Black Buildman Gendrone, Axis Joint Set and Phase Arm Set.
• White Buildman Gendrone, Axis Joint Set and Phase Arm Set.
• Clear Colorless Gobon (Stealth MK III)

All the above will be sold separately, just listed by color to keep it easy.

The Travelers and Sincroids:
• Clear Purple Phanost Echo Morph Set - includes 1 Phanost figure with additional Sarvos head, Scar Pheyden head, Pheyden head, Pheyden chest and Pheyden pelvis. Also includes 1 Phase Arm and 1 Gobon Blaster.
• Clear Yellow Govurom w/ Exellis head.
• Clear Green Neo Phase Pheyden w/ Govurom head.
• Clear Colorless Exellis w/ Govurom head.
• GITD Green Govurom w/ Exellis head.

This is the basic assortment of what's coming. Of course there will be a few surprises in the mix ("clearly", the MTV Geeks will like some of them). New Gendrone Chronicles will also be posted tomorrow night - December 16th - at launch time, which is looking like 10 PM EST. No Passcode on this one, just lots of new parts. We hope you guys are excited to build some stuff!


  1. Sorry but christmas is not gonna get in the way of my glyos order!!! muhahahha. Still salivating....

  2. MATT you are a saint! thanks for the later time.

  3. By the way that mtv top ten toys article is epic!!! Congrats you guys are great

  4. I'm gonna guess the MTV Geeks would like a clear Rig? So would I!

  5. Awesome! I hope my wife's paycheck clears before I start shopping. :)

    And congratulations on being named in the Top Ten Toys at MTV Geek!

  6. Good stuff! Really looking forward to getting my hands on these joints!

  7. Ah, teach me to get my hopes up about every figure being available in every colorway. Still, the selection is pretty rad, I must say, and I'm still excited as to what's to come.

    And thus, the anticipation begins in earnest...

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  9. Big, big drop! With so many "construction" figures in the line-up, deciding what to order is a mind-twisting exercise. And having to leave room for the surprises... *sigh*

    Cograts on the MTV Geeks list! You, my friends at Onell, are soon stepping into the Big Time. Don't forget us little people. ;o)

  10. I really hope because it's later on, at 10, that it won't go any later than that! :D ... oh who am I kidding, I'm on Xmas break now.. WHENEVER

  11. Oh this is just so kick ass. I'm even pushing back my weekly Zombie RPG session to make this drop.

  12. Matt, thanks for the later drop & the list of what will be available

    Congrats on the Top 10 Toys list

  13. This is an easier time to try and make. Thanks!!! Looking like a big order is about to come your way.

  14. Just a quick question (so I can plan my spending budget accordingly!): what does an Axis Joint Set consist of?

  15. Iok: see the white construction in the pic? That's it!

  16. Thanks Donald - I didn't even spot that there!

    So that's two Axis Joint Sets to fully articulate a figure. Cool.

  17. Allright,I like the line up thus far. So no Purple Govi head anywhere?

  18. Dang, and me between paychecks. Oh well, a small order this time, and a huge one next week if anything's left.

  19. Oh yes, any chance of you fine people making some Renegade heads available? I want a whole bunch to do terrible, wonderful things with!