Status Update

The new stuff has been moving at a steady rate and a few things have been knocked out. The Clear and GITD Green Axis Joints have cycled through and it looks like Henshin Exellis and Spectre Govurom will soon be gonzo. The Clear Rig is nearing the end as well. I've already placed an order for more Clear, GITD and Black stock across the boards, so hopefully that can beef the supply up. Thanks again for a fun launch you guys!


  1. Cool news! Can't wait to see how the Neo Phase matches-up against the original Phase. Now we just need a Neo Cosmic Wave and a Neo Pyros!

  2. Neo-Cosmic Wave! Great suggestion, Roy.
    And this has been a great drop, Matt! I'm not much into the clears usually, but the yellow and purple figures and joints were too cool to pass up. Can't wait to order more black and clear when they come in again.

  3. yeah.. I we really need neo cosmic wave... and darn you for spurring me to buy a little more... its nice to see that, while there were sell outs, you still have a decent stock in the store

  4. I hope I can snag some purple joints for my Redlaw before they're gone... And I still need a Henshin Exellis... And joints for him...

    I wonder if I can persuade my wife to just have toast for Xmas lunch...

  5. all is awesome, but shipping for italy for me is harder...
    I have buy an Armadok and a Gobon!