The Mech Aesthetic

One of the big things that was pushed a lot more in Rechlen and Aves was the odd paneled mechanical aesthetic of the Glyos System. Originally I was thinking about cutting steel for these heavily paneled Rigs that could come apart with the fit function (which was actually slightly bigger back then -more like the classic 5mm Takara peg size). You would then be able to configure the parts to create junky looking pursuit and capture machines. The reason being that Rechlen and Aves were portrayed as Space Trappers who would capture exotic alien creatures for display at the fancy pants (and super dangerous) Galactic Exhibition Facility on Capital Planet Metran. They would constantly need to modify their Rigs to deal with the tasks at hand.
You remember the old game Cosmic Ark that Atari made back in 1982? The story of Rechlen and Aves is based on what I thought was going on inside that game as a child. Strange but absolutely true.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the dusty info, and thanks so much for the awesome comments and encouragement in regards to this old project. I'm beginning to get excited about the little guys again...


  1. i love it MATT! your friend rob! voodookid

  2. As you should. These open-up a whole new realm of possibility for the line, and the thought of modular vehicles is always a good one to have.

    It's nice seeing the junkier look of the Buildman units again. I just wonder how one would go about recreating that in the larger scale...

  3. PVC figures and Resin kits for the ships!

  4. I'm down for modular ship parts, but I'd try using them to make big figures and things. I see those big discs and I imagine them being shoulder-pads on a really large alien figure. They do have a very Starcom/Air Raiders vibe to them too.

  5. It's a great design choice, and reminds me of the Chris Foss, Peter Elson, Angus Mcknee, style-artwork I grew up with.

    I would also be all for 2" glyos, especially the classic buildman up there. Loved Starcom :~)

  6. I love the classic stuff. The style it has is just fantastic!