Some more building with the new stuff, following the Tron theme. I'm still listening to that soundtrack on repeat as I get the final pictures finished for the launch this week. We're looking at the end of the week for the roll out for the new stuff! More sneaks later today.


  1. Fantastic! I think I might have to get parts to make a green version.

    I just made these for my local movie theater to use in a display.

  2. That is, like, super cool and a half. The angled neck is a nice touch.

  3. sweet, end of the week = payday thurs = i can get some of these!!! WAHOOOOO

  4. Insect gendrone head just super valued up in my best head charts with this friggin awesome beef bad mofo neck! I think he's now my #1.

    #2 is happy face peg from beanbots :o)

  5. AWESOME build Matt! I'm psyched for the new Tron, only 4 more days to go!

  6. Okay, I'm teased to a point of frenzy. Passed up the OSM Holiday release tonight to save my money for some crystal clear goodies. Also, got my CC3.1 Chaos today, thank you so much! What a beauty, you spent way too much time painting this little fellow! Can't wait for the archives to find out who/what he is. For now, he is known as "The Awesomeness."

  7. ok... I just saw the new tron.. like an hour ago.. and now I NEED to build this.. please matt.. put the pieces and specs for sale.. oh please please please!

    also.. the movie is awesome... but this is doubly so!

  8. Thank you Matt for the Plastic
    and Plush giveaway where this
    was one of the prizes! And I
    was the lucky lucky person to
    have won this! Yeeeehaw!! It
    arrived in the mail yesterday
    and I am one very happy winner :D :D :D

  9. A man after my own heart! I was thinking of doing something like this myself, once I get some more parts to work with.