Another Round of Jello Shots

When I was making the photo book with the original figures, somehow I decided to start messing with Jello to create some sets. It started out kind of fun, and then the heat kicked in and everything went melto-matic. Here are a few shots from the alien Voss Biovessel (AKA Jello World) sequence. If you poke around the older entries of this blog you'll find some more pics from this time period.

Oh, and we ate a lot of that Jello after the shoot. It was gross, but somehow delicious.


  1. It's very cool to see multiple Gliporians! Rechlen seems to have a good number of different helmets to him with the pilot helmet and now the gel helmet. That sixth pic down is awesome looking with all weird chunks of solid and seim solid jello everywhere. Are Aulder pics forthcoming?

    Would all the regular figures we've gotten up to now (Pheyden, Phansot, Sarvos) be revisited at this new scale if these got off the ground?

    Just as a side question, are we going to get any more story on Metran soon? There seems to be an awful lot of attention paid to it in the Chronicles and mentions of it in past passcodes.

  2. This scale is actually in proportion to the Travelers and the rest of the figures that we produce in PVC. Pheyden was originally a big guy (tomorrow's post will give a visual) and he served as a secret guardian of Rechlen and Aves. I had just been a bit torn about keeping the scale that way for when these new (old) characters finally made it to full PVC production. You guys have helped me a ton with the solid and realistic feedback.
    All the stories from over the years, including Gear's Edge, all take place in the Glyos System -but at different times.
    Metran is the Capital Planet of "modern" Glyos, and dictates the laws as well as enforces them. You'll see a lot more about Metran as Rechlen and Aves gets moving. So in some respects we will be traveling back in time not just with the original figures returning, but also with the story line.
    Thanks for asking Starscream!

  3. That is simply because that Jell-o was infused with the sweet, sweet taste of success. And probably quite bitter because of all the plastic, but hey, such is the cost of success.

    What are the odds of ever seeing the Glip as a 3" figure, beyond the CCs? I can see the body type serving well as a "generic" humanoid base to expand into a more Microman feel for customs. Anyway, lovin' the retrospective, Matt!

  4. Wow this stuff is beautiful. I'm very happy to hear these figures are moving forward. Might Kira and Ranic be a possibility in this scale? Would be nice to have an official release lady character make it on the scene.

    I needs an Aves in my pocket.

  5. I'm hooked on these guys. I remember seein some shots of these guys but now man very cool. I love that fact they are an even smaller scale and yet highly detailed. This line already is an instant classic. Bravo!
    That Jello shoot and the Gliporians and the Jello world are a real visual treat. Also love how the stories branch off into time travel very neat. Thanks for sharing all this with us Matt. I hope to see these figs in the future maybe even some original Urethatne ones for us in a CC setting ;)

  6. Talk about a blast from the past... When I finally got 2 meet Matt in person 4 the 1st time @ SD CC 2006, I held many of these gems in my hand @ his booth (yes, they were 4 sale) and was in awe @ his glorious colorways of shear beauty! I 4 1 am soooooooooooooo frickin' excited 2 c there is a possibility of these finding their way in2 collectors' collections/hands now! Can't wait 2 c what is in store 4 everyone! Thanx 4 taking the time 2 post all these incredible photos again!

    Happy Holidays brutha!


  7. WOW!

    I don't know how, but I'd totally forgotten about the Voss!!!

    You definitely need to do all the older characters in their small scale! It brings a whole new dimension to Glyos!

    The current stuff is great because of the building/customizing aspect, but the older 2" guys give a whole different "poseable green army men" feel to it.

    And the idea of smaller figure will move the focus a bit o building more vehicles, mechs and dioramas.

    I say bring it on bro!


  8. Got Marty's post hacked? I see only numbers - like a cryptic coding or in the likes.

  9. U crack me up brutha! Happy Holidays 2 U!

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  11. Jello as a playset, that's brilliant!

  12. The Voss is a great figure. I hope it sees production so that everyone can have one.

  13. I'm really liking these older figures! I'm in line with everyone here, hoping that these eventually get released to collectors.

    Are The Voss the larger figures in the first couple of pics? Cause their sculpts are particularly cool...