Friday Roll Out

We are on track to release a new round of stuff this Friday, February 18th at 9PM EST. This is a follow up to the Henshin Wave, featuring some clear color styles that fill in a few more spaces of the rainbow! Here is the list of what's dropping:

-Clear Red Buildman Gendrone
-Clear Red Echo Morph w/Phase Arm and Gobon Blaster
-Clear Red Axis Joints
-Clear Blue Exellis w/Govurom head
-Clear Blue Axis Joints
-Clear Orange Pheyden w/Govurom head
-Clear Orange Axis Joints
-GITD Green Pheyden w/Govurom head
-Argen MK II
-Silver Axis Joints
-Silver Phase Arm Set SINGLES (one Phase Arm and one Gobon Blaster per package instead of two -trying something new with the method of release)
-GITD Green Rig

This is the whole assortment for Henshin Wave 2!

On the horizon we have 3 upcoming releases for the RXH crossover series with Mori, featuring some new Pheyaos action and a very special triple joint project that has some bite (ha!).

Some brand new parts are also being made that should open up even more building potential. I can safely say that my eyes have nearly fallen out from sculpting this new batch of stuff. Without Ron to keep the balance I would literally be running around the frozen woods in pure madness! Thank you Yoda! I hope you guys are ready to meet the all new Glyanauts around April...

On one last note, The Beanbot will be returning to its roots here at Onell and will be renamed in the process. Next assortment will see the debut of the Phaseon Gendrones! It's good to have the little guy back where he belongs.


  1. Awesome stuff as usual Matt!
    Looking forward to it, hoping stuff will last through the night until I can get to a computer on Saturday; gotta get my Glyos fix. lol.

  2. Looking forward to Friday then!

    Real X Head x Onell x Nibbler should be spiffy :-)

  3. Whoo Ha! Bring it! I am sooo stoked for these colors! Great news about the Beanbots as well!

  4. Oh hot damn. My wallet just cried a little

  5. Yeah, I second that hot damn. I am a bit disappointed/relieved that there's no new blue gendrones. It'll be nice to buy Phaseon Gendrones by themselves, the Phase Hunter whet a lot of people's appetite for these guys.

    About the Glyanauts, I take it's a release in April? Are you planning on a wave like this one or like Glyaxia?

  6. Is that pronounced "faze-on" or "faze-EE-on," out of curiosity?

    As for Glyanauts, sounds exciting, my friend! Any indication of what size they'll be, at least?

  7. Thank you for the heads up on the
    release time and the list of toys
    heading our way.

  8. wish the GITD Green Pheyden came with a scar head, but Ill still go for it.

  9. I'm a littly hazy on the pronunciation of Phaseon too. I know I usually say it "faze-EE-on"

    Also I totally overlooked the Glyanaut announcement. Friggin PUMPED for that.

  10. oh you magnificent bastard... all this stuff is awesome.. I'm happy the beanbot is home.. I always felt bad for him... just a lost glyos denizen... and I'm looking forward to the gyanauts.. it's funny... I had to walk away from the exclusive black and white scarabus from the special 4 horsemen event in the city, because I knew this drop was coming and I'd need the $100... at least... *sigh*

  11. Argen! Glow Pheyden! The day after payday! Let's rock.

  12. Oh I got my eye on you Argen! Thanks for the break down of figures in the drop, this helps a lot.

  13. Ahh yes!!! Cant wait for this release :). Just hope My phone works while ordering from work. It has before so I think I'm good :)