Shinto Gangu On-demand

Mori continues to rock the boat with fresh ideas. Head over to the RXH USA blog and read about his new method to meet the growing demand for his Japanese micro releases. He is now offering the chance to literally have your selection from the store made to order. That green Chaosman #1 is particularly glorious!


  1. Made to order? Ye gods, man, that's going to be outright insane! We may have finally found Doughty's match in terms of crazy customer service!

    And just as a side note: I love that a goodly number of these guys have scarves. It really brings the sculpt to a whole new level somehow...

  2. This is great news!! I don't have a Chaosman yet. Now the hard part is deciding which one!!

  3. This is the best news! I fully support this idea as the last RxH USA drop was really aggravating as it was announced less than a day in advance and open for 1 hour for a lottery!!!

    THIS is the way to go and I've ordered a full set to show my support!

    Well done RxH USA!