The Real X Nibbler

After cooking behind the scenes since the last SDCC, the Nibbler finally debuts his new form- The Real X Nibbler! This vinyl meatball is the product of a triple collaboration between the Tarantulas, Mori and myself. Based on the original Nibbler design and then sent through the Real X Head Genesis Machine, this version is entirely produced in Japan by Real X Head.

Being a part of such a fun project has been very exciting and satisfying. Chris and Mori are both incredibly unique artists with truly original ideas, to see their minds come together and create this new version of the Nibbler is a rare thing to witness. No big egos, just the collective desire to make something fun to share.

I remember on our last trip to Japan, Jesse, Don, Mori and I shared a dinner together and we ended up working on the Nibbler design right at the table (as usual). Through email and the little camera on my iPod, we were able to communicate with Chris and make alterations to the core design as we ate! It was a classic working dinner between a bunch of serious toy geeks.

Chris is releasing the very first style of the Real X Nibbler this Friday over at his Fishtank Castle. From Chris via ToyBot Studios:

"Real x Nibbler is a triple collab between Onell Design, Real x Head & The Tarantulas. The original design by Chris was interpreted into RxH style by Mori and sculpted / manufactured in Japan by Real x Head.

This is the first vinyl version of The Nibbler - the debut release being unpainted with vinyl cut eye decals. Real x Nibbler stands 10.5cm tall (4 1/4") and has articulated Head, Arms & Waist. Colours in this wave are Molten Pink with White eyes (Mutagenesis #1) & Anti-Matter Black with Mirror eyes (Mutagenesis #2). Price will be £25 plus shipping.

This wave will be sold exclusively at The Tarantulas Big Cartel store - 'Fishtank Castle' - thetarantulas.bigcartel.com on Friday 25th February GMT PM - exact time TBC - check www.the-tarantulas.blogspot.com."

My deepest congratulations to Chris for sticking with this and seeing it through, it can be an intense roller coaster getting this stuff made! Thank you for including us in your universe Chris, it is an awesome place that I look forward to exploring even more!

I want to thank Don "Datadub" Kratzer for being the perpetual man behind the scenes. Don is a very generous person with his time, energy and dedication. There would be no Japanese collaborations without his involvement. I bow to The Governor!

Ultimate thanks as always to the true Master - Mori Katsura. It can never be said enough times, they do not make better men than Mori.

I hope you guys have fun tracking down the first release of the Real X Nibbler this Friday, and get ready for more teeth crunching craziness in late March!

The Knight of Darkness is also proud of his nephew...


  1. Sorely tempting especially since the black gives off that evil, reverse vibe that I dig so much. I do prefer the sketch's original tinier top head. It looks better to me given that the Nibbler seems to speak out of the body a la Arnim Zola.

  2. Hmmm... Looks like some uncut sockets on the upper "shoulders" that could possible utilized later for a different arm configuration....


  3. Thanks so much for showing these behind the scenes sketches and a peak into how the process works amongst many artists! I love seeing the sketches so much.

  4. This entire blog post is sooooooooooooo ridiculously KEWL!!! From the description, to the sketches, to the mock up, to the final product and of course the SUPER SHAAAAWEET last photo (What a blast from the past!)!!!

    Much props to all involved on this one!


  5. Fitting that the design was finalised over a meal !! Matt - thanks again man - your wise toy brain stopped me screwing this up a couple of times & I really appreciate it !! Working with you is always such a genuinely positive experience & Mori & Don are made from the same stuff - I feel very lucky :) Thanks also to everyone who has supported the various Nibbler projects - without your help this one wouldn't have happened :)

  6. I dunno if i wanna have the Lord Of Darkenss or the Nibbler more! Congrats for getting this going!! What's the mid-stage of the sculpt made of? Plaster?

  7. I gotta go for both of these :) I'm so excited to see the expansion of the glyos universe with RxH. Very happy to see all the collaborators in this great universe with all their different skills and creations. Congrats Chris on making this happen. looking forward to friday :)

  8. Wow! Just wow! Outstanding. And the backstory is super rad, too!

  9. Looking forward to meeting with Don this week in Tokyo to get the lowdown on the planning session.


  10. Oh boy...black sold out in 22s and pink within 3 minutes...F5'd like crazy and still didn't get a black...is there an O'Nell release of this mold in our future?