Alien Argus Custom Show

Tomorrow (February 26th) is the opening for Mark Nagata's Alien Argus Custom show at the Toy Art Gallery out in California. We were very excited to be asked to contribute to this fun event!

Argus is a very intriguing figure to use as custom fodder due to its varied surface sculpting. For some reason the "skin" looked like cooked turkey to me, so I had to follow that line of thinking for the final result (plus a dash of Mother Brain from the end of Super Metroid)! I imagine this Galactic Roaster causing major problems for Glyanauts on deep space exploration missions, blasting them with its Squawker Beam and hitting their equipment with a Dark Meat Kick. I know, this sounds very gross, but you can thank Mark for inspiring such a bogus concept!

The custom itself uses all the parts of the original construction and has been reconfigured using pressure fits. No glue or additional sculpting, just rearranged parts, lots of cutting and a bunch of paint. It adds a good challenge to attempt a custom while limiting the options to execute the piece. I find that I have to think much harder about where to place everything and what to chop. The figure still moves and can actually be disassembled with some twists and pulls.

If you are in the Los Angeles area this weekend make sure to swing by the TAG and check out the show! Big thanks to Mark and Toy Art Gallery for inviting us to participate. Alien Argus is a very cool toy!


  1. This thing is hideously gorgeous. Pity I won't be in the area.

  2. I like how you have your custom
    walking on all four. Amazing that
    you didn't use any glue. Great
    addition to the show!

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  4. hmmm I liek this. Lookin gforward to seeing if I can aquire it. :) who doesnt like Galactic Turkeys?

  5. holy helena hagen! what the hell is that? and why does it look like you could buy it at disney world for $7.50 and feed a family of 4?

    by the by.. you're a toy genius.. you're too humble to admit it... but know it to be true... that thing is perfectly weird and fun looking

  6. That is really awesome work! Looks creepy as all getout.

  7. That this is just one of many super-talented artists whose work will be on display is absolutely nuts. Let's hope all of them meet this caliber, even if they choose not to go the extra mile and limit themselves to only the parts available on the figure...

  8. We were having a discussion on the board about this show... your ability to pimp slap a figure and make it work like a cheap hooker came up. Awesome as usual-- but then, none of us were surprised by that! ;)